Saturday, November 17, 2012

Northern Railways annouces to run special trains during festival season including Chhat Puja

For the convenience of rail passengers and in order to clear extra rush during this festival season, including Chhat Puja, 80 Special trains are running on Northern Railway which will make 1762 trips. 80 pairs of special trains will make 1762 trips during the festival season of the current year, which is more than the 55 pairs run last year which made 1219 trips, these include thespecial trains planned during Chhat puja.
Northern Railway is running the following special trains for the convenience of passengers during the festival season:
·04033/04034-Udhampur -Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Udhampurm Tri- Weekly,
·04051/04052-Anand Vihar-Jammu Tawi- Anand Vihar Tri- Weekly,
·04203/04204-Varanasi -Delhi Jn.-Varanasi Tri- Weekly,
·04201/04202-Lucknow -New Delhi-Lucknow Tri- Weekly,
·04031/04032-Panipat- Delhi Jn.-Panipat Daily,
·04022/04021-Patna- Delhi Jn.-Patna Daily,
·04024/04023-Darbhanga- Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Darbhanga Bi- Weekly,
·04602/04601-Amritsar-Barauni- Amritsar Weekly,
·04642/04641-Firozpur- Saharsa- Ambala Weekly,
·04502/04501-Ludhiana- Saharsa- Ambala Cantt. Weekly,
·04012/04011-H. Nizamuddin-Shirdi Sai Nagar-H. Nizamuddin Weekly,
·03685/03686-Delhi-Gaya-Delhi Weekly,
·02393/02394-Anand Vihar T-Patna-Anand Vihar T.(Six days a week),
·05101/05102-Delhi-Kanpur-Delhi Weekly,
·05027/05028-Anand Vihar T-Gorakhpur-Anand Vihar Tri- Weekly,
·03125/03126-Anand Vihar -Kolkata-AnandVihar Weekly,
·03113/03114-New Delhi-Sealdah-New Delhi Weekly,
·04113/04114-Allahabad- Udhampur- Allahabad Weekly,
·09005/09006 New Delhi -Mumbai Central- New Delhi Bi- Weekly,
·09407/09408-Lucknow Jn.-Ahmedabad- Lucknow Jn. Weekly,
·04734/04733-Pathankot-Bikaner-Pathonkot Weekly,
·09022/09021 Jammu Tawi-Bandra Terminus-Jammu Tawi Daily,
·04009/04010 Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Bhatinda-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Daily,
·02448/02447&02449/02450 H.Nizamuddin-Manikpur/ H.Nizamuddin-Khajuraho Weekly,
·02438/0237 H.Nizamuddin- Nagpur- Hazrat Nizamuddin A.C.Superfast Weekly,
·04314/04313 Bareilly-Darbhanga-Bareilly Weekly,
·02422/02421 Jammu Tawi-Nanded-Jammu Tawi Weekly,
·02207/02208 Ahmedabad- Jammu Tawi- Ahmedabad A.C.Weekly,
·04055/04056 New Delhi- Udhampur- New Delhi Weekly,
·05213/05214 Lok Manya Tilak-Darbhanga-Lok Manya Tilak Weekly,
·09807/09808 Kota- Hazrat Nizamuddin Daily,
·05023/05024 Gorakhpur-Pune- Gorakhpur Weekly,
·05031/05032 Gorakhpur- Lok Manya Tilak- Gorakhpur Weekly,
·05033/05044 Bandra Terminus- Gorakhpur-Bandra Terminus Weekly,
·03015/03016 Howrah- Haridwar- Howrah Weekly,
·04208/04207 New Delhi- Lucknow- New Delhi Weekly,
·02397/02398 Anand Vihar-Gaya- Anand Vihar,
·02452/02451 Hazrat Nizamuddin- Madgaon- Hazrat Nizamuddin A.C. Weekly,
·03189/03190 Sealdah-Anand Vihar(T)- Sealdah Superfast Weekly,
·04725/04726 Bikaner- Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Bikaner Superfast (Four days a week)
·09003/09004 Mumbai Central- New Delhi- Mumbai Central Bi- Weekly Superfast,
·03686/03685 Delhi- Gaya Weekly Superfat,
·05903/05904 Dibrugarh – Chandigarh-Dibrugarh Weekly
·05653/05652 Guwahati – Varanasi-Guwahati Weekly
·04008/04007 New Delhi-Howrah-New Delhi,
·02281/02282 Bhubaneshwar- New Delhi- Bhubaneshwar Superfast Weekly
·01071/01072 Pune- H.Nizamuddin- Pune Special( 1 trip),
·08033/08034 Santragachi- Anand Vihar- Santragachi Weekly
·04006/04005 New Delhi- Sealdah- New Delhi A.C. Superfast
·04002/04001 Between Patna-Anand Vihar Terminal Super Fast A.C. Express
·04642/04641 Firozpur- Saharsa- Ambala Express
·04502/04501 Ludhiana- Saharsa- Ambala Express
·04504/04503 Chandigarh- Varanasi- Chandigarh Tri- Weekly
·04209 Lucknow- Delhi Sadar Jang
·09310/09309 Delhi Safdar Jang- Indore- Delhi Safdar Jang
·04091 Bandra Terminus- New Delhi Superfast A.C. Express
·04013 Lokmanya Tilak T.- Hazrat Nizamuddin Superfast express
·04642/04641 Firozpur- Saharsa- Ambala Express
·04502/04501 Ludhiana- Saharsa- Ambala Express
·01077 Pune- Hazrat Nizamuddin (one way) special and 01072 Hazrat Nizamuddin- Lokmanya Tilak T. (one way).
·04028/04027 Delhi Guwahati weekly
·02456/02455New Delhi- Madgaon weekly
·04014/04013 Hazrat Nizamuddin – Lokmanya Tilak( one Trip)
·04026/04025 New Delhi-Lucknow (5 trips each)
·04094/04093 New Delhi- Mumbai Central( 5 trips each)
·03685/03686 Gaya- Delhi Jn. weekly.
·05043/05044 Yashwantpur-Gorakpur Bi –weekly.
·01027/01028 Lokmanya Tilak- Varanasi weekly.
·01005/01996 Lokmanya Tilak- Delhi Jn (one trip each)
·02501/02502 Guwahati-New Delhi weekly.
·01655/01656 Habibganj- Nizamuddin (one trip each)
·04117/04118 Allahabad-Anand Vihar Terminal( 3 trips each)
·03209/03210 Patna –Anand Vihar Tri-weekly
·09407/09408 Ahmedabad-Lucknow Jn. weekly
·05213-05214 Dibrugarh- Lokmanya Tilak weekly.
·05034/05033 Bandra Terminus- Gorakhpur weekly
·05023/05024 Gorakhpur-Pune weekly
·05031/05032 LokmanyaTilak-Gorakhpur weekly
·01047/01048 Lokmanya Tilak- Gorakhpur weekly
·01057/01058 Lokmanya Tilak-Muzaffarpur weekly.
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