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Nanital is 34 kms from Kathgodam, the nearest railway station located in the foothill, the gateway of the Kumaon Hills, and is around 336 Kms from National Capital Delhi. Nainital is also known as Lake District of India. Nainital is set in a valley containing a pear-shaped lake, approximately two miles in circumference, and surrounded by mountains. Nainital is a glorious hill station for tourism in Uttranchal, which was discovered by Lord Barron, a Britisher in 1841 and is located at a height of 6, 350 feet. In winter Nainital has freezing cold temperature which falls sometimes even below zero. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The first one is Naina (2615 meters) the second is Deopatha (2438 meters) and the third is Ayarpatha (2278 meters). Naina is the highest mountain among the three. Every year during December to February Nainital hill station gets its annual snowfall. Summer season is also very cool in Nainital. The highest temperate is not more than 26 degrees centigrade. Thus most tourists prefer to come at summer to explore Nainital tourism.

Nainital is named for its beautiful lake “Naini” and it is the base for tourism at here. This lake is called Naini because it look like eye shape. This Lake is famed among the visitors, tourists and nature lovers for yachting and boating. The southern end area of the lake is called Tallital and the northern end area is called Mallital. Both the areas have pretty cottages, luxuries hotels, villas, restaurants, food jones, shopping centers, game parlors and luxury shops. Other place, Naina Peak (6 kms) an other popular picnic spot is at a height of 2,610 metres. Fron the Naina Peak one can have breathtaking view of the Himalayas and entire lake region down the hill. Among the various temples, Naina Devi Temple is most famous and is situated on the northern shore of Naini Lake. The presiding goddess of this temple is “Maa Naina Devi”. Tourists visiting Nainital could also enjoy the Ropeway which is established by Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam. It is one of the advanced ropeways of India. The Ropeway is controlled electronically and mechanically both. It is used to carry 12 persons in a single time. Hanumangarhi located at distance of 3.2 kms from the city is famous for the Hanuman temple and the spectacular sun-set view from here.

Naina Devi Temple: The temple is located on the northern shore of Naini lake. The rpesiding deity of the temple is Maa naina Devi respresented by two Netras or eyes.This temple is special for local people as it has some spiritual values. Alongwith the the deity of Naina Devi there are the deities of Mata Kali and Lord Ganesha. It is believed to be one of the 64 Shaktipeetas, where one of the body parts of Goddess Sati fell. In Nainital, the eyes (naina) of the Goddess are assumed to have fallen. During the religious festivals, this temple becomes the first choice for local people. Naina Devi's temple was initially constructed in the 15th Century. The shrine of Naina Devi is a must visit for devout Hindus. and was reconstructed after being destroyed in the the 1880 landslide. The celebration with very good decoration makes the moment special in festivals.

Aerial Ropeway: Aerial Ropeway is one the main attraction of Nainital. This ropeway starts from from Mallital, the upper corner of lake, and snow view point. The spectacular view of the mountains and hills of Himalaya from this point is amazing. This could be the best moment of life by viewing the high hills of Indian ranges.

Nainital Zoo: The Zoo is located around 1 km from the main nainital township and is set up in a sprawling open area.  Its name has been changed to Govind-Ballabh-Pant High Altitude Zoo.

Tiffin Top: The well Tiffin Top is located at 4 KMs  up from Nainital. Normally tourists are to walk the crawling road to the top along the rugged hill side. This road ends at the top of hill and then suddenly tourists find themselves amidst the paranoia of vast Himalayan hills and nearby country view.  Dorothy seat a memorial to an English lady painter Dorothy Kellet build by her husband an admirers after her death here.

Naina Peak: Naina peak is the highest peak of the town, at an altitude of 2615 mts above sea level and at a distance of 6 Kms from the town. It is also known as Cheena Peak. Form the top of this peak, tourist enjoys the vast view of Himalayas on the Horizon. The top offers a full view of Himalaya on one side and the tiny lake of the Nainital town in its full beauty on the other side. It is the highest peak point of Nainital and can be visited by travelling. Pony or Horses can be hired to visit this peak either from Snow view or from Mallital.

Governor House: Raj Bhavan which is also known as Governor House, was constructed in 1899 by F. W. Stevens as residence of the Governor of North West Province. In British rule, this house was used as the summer residence of the Governor of British.  Now Raj Bhavan is the official accommodation of Governor (Uttaranchal).State guests coming to Nainital also use it for their stay. State employees are also enjoying this house in vacations.

Snow View Point: This is probably the most easily accessible hill top among the other hill tops through ropeway. The place is also connected by road and tourist could drive up to the top of hill. Snow view as the name suggests offers an indescribably beautiful and breath taking picture of the glittering snows of Himalyas. Nanda Devi, Trishul Choti, viewpoint and Nanda Kot are some other higher ranges where people can enjoy the view of mountains.

Caves Garden: This is the latest addition in the list of numerous tourism spots in Nainital. It is located in Sukha Tal around one Km from Mallital very near to Kumaun University Campus.

Hanuman Garhi: Hamuman Garhi is temple located around 3.5 km form the town. It is constructed at a height of 1955 meters from the sea level.  Hanuman Garhi is a religious centre and famous for its sun set view .One can go to Hanuman Garhi by taxi, bus or even on foot from Nainital .It has a temple complex presiding deity being Lord Hanuman besides Ram and Shiva. At the instance of Neem Karoli Baba around 1950 these temples were built.

Some more attractive places of Nainital are Land's End, Gurney House, Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, St. Johns Church, and Kilbury. These spots are beautifully maintained by the government of Uttarakhand, and visitors can enjoy the accommodation at various hotels available at Nainital. Booking for a hotel is possible through online as well because lots of tourism departments are providing the services for Nainital tour.

Places of Interest around Nainital

Bhimtal Lake: Bhimtal is 25 kms far from Nainital and 11 Kms. from Bhowali at an altitude of 1370 mts. The famous five Pandavas of ‘Mahabharata’ came there and one of them named “Bhim” killed a devil on this place. So it is called Bhimtal. The main attraction of this place is a beautiful lake with its grandeur size of more than Nainital lake an island in the center of the lake. This lake offers Boating, swimming and fishing. All luxuries facility for the tourist is available here. The local bus stand and taxi stand is located nearby to the lake. The tourist from here could go by road to Naukuchiatal or to Kathgodam, the nearest railway station, located at 21 Km from here. There is a 17th century Bhimeshwar temple complex along the 40 feet high dam.

Naukuchia Lake: It is 4 kms far form Bhimtal and 26 kms from Nainital at 1220 mts from sea level. A clean and beautiful lake within the surrounding picturesque valley offers very relaxing feelings to the visiting tourists. This lake is called so because of its nine corners. Migratory birds flock to the lake. This is an ideal place for relaxation and to spend your holidays.  Additionally, there is ample scope for rowing, paddling or yachting.

Mukteshwar (50 kms): This small hill station amidst thick wooded forest affords majestic view of the Himalayas and located at an altitude of 2286 mts and is 51 Kms from Nainital. Surrounded by fruit orchards and thick coniferous forest it was developed by the Britishers as research and education institute (IVRI) in 1893. Nearby is a stone hole of Chauli Ki Jali, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Corbett National Park: The magnificent park established way back in 1936, is one of the best known sanctuaries of India. It is named after Jim Corbett, the famous hunter author and conservator.

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